We were looking for a company who can supply genuine organic products for our cosmetics production unit. Our specialist team had already rejected various so called ‘organic’ oils sourced from different suppliers. I was surprised to note that the glycerin, olive oil and jojoba oil from AI Prime Nutritions Private Limited not only managed to meet the standards of our experts but actually impressed them no end! AI Prime is now our chief source of cold pressed organic oils and we look forward to trying out their other products as well.

- Andrew

I have been thinking about going organic since the last few years. But doubts regarding the authenticity of the ‘organic products’ available in the market were holding me back from making the switch! After checking out the herbs, spices and oils from different organic companies, I am convinced that AI Prime Organic products are not only genuine but also maintain top quality at all times. I’m so glad I’m doing something that is good for me and good for the environment as well!

- Symonds

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