Organic Fatty acids & Emulsifiers :

Agarwal Group produces all Organic food ingredients at South India facility. Our unit is GFSI/ISO 22000, Kosher approved. We are integrated from Cold expeller to high class degumming and drying facilities. We also have high pressure Distillation columns for value added Organic ingredients.

We produce Organic fatty acids from various organic cold pressed oils based on client demand. Our fatty acids are produced from 100% Organic certified ingredients as per USDA NOP and EU. These Organic fatty acids are used as intermediary products in applications of Organic food, Organic cosmo and Pharma etc.

Below are the list of various Organic fatty acids we offer-

  • Organic Stearic acid
  • Organic Palmitic acid
  • Organic Lauric acid
  • Organic Oleic acid
  • Organic linoleic acid
Organic Fatty Acids
Organic Emulsifiers

We are the first company to start Organic emulsifiers from Organic Glycerin and Organic fatty acid base starting from organic raw material. Our organic emulsifiers are used In Food, Cosmetic and Pharma.

Emulsifier 100% Organic

  • Organic Glyceryl Palmate.
  • Organic Glyceryl monostearate/GMS/ Glyceryl distearate, Glyceryl stearate.
  • Organic Glyceryl Cocoate
  • Organic Glyceryl laurate
  • Organic Glyceryl Linoleate
  • Organic Glyceryl oleate
  • Organic Glyceryl dioleate,
  • Organic lauryl Alcohol/Organic Ethyl laurate
  • Organic Cetyl alcohol / Organic palmityl alcohol/Organic Ethyl palmate
  • Organic stearyl alcohol/Organic Ethyl stearate
  • Organic Oleyl alcohol/Organic Ethyl oleate
  • Organic Linoleyl alcohol/Organic Ethyl linoleate

    Emulsifiers above 70% Organic (Made with Organic)

  • Organic Sodium Cocoate
  • Organic Sodium Stearate
  • Organic Sodium Palmate/Palmitate
  • Organic Sodium Oleate
  • Organic Sodium Linoleate
  • Organic Sodium Laurate
  • Organic Lauric Acid

  • Organic Oleic Acid

  • Organic Palmitic Acid

  • Organic Stearic Acid

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